Fine Balance
Finding the right pieces and all stacked up together... 
one by one
Like all constants of universe, a precise measure and manner in which everything is defined with such a low degree of error and such huge consequence, if these constants are changed even a little. Do we see and experience around us everyday. Of course, the world wont exist without these. But are we conscious about this... may be not. Does that matter... may be... may be not...
Strong and Delicate
Where doest the strength lie in a body? Is it in its density, mass, volume, tensile strength, brittleness, plasticity, elasticity, stress and strain levels. Or in a particular position relative to each other. Will a few objects together make the system always stronger or are there chances that it make the whole contraption weaker than the individual parts...
Turns and Chicane
What matters when we take a turn? 
Is it the direction or the speed or the acceleration? Is it the reason why we turn at a particular point or it's the road that leads us to the turn. How safe is a turn and what is safe? Should we always go slower on the turn? Does our heart always beat faster at the turn? Does the speed of time always changes at the turn? Does our perspective always changes at the turn?
Impossible, till its done
Almost everything worth doing feels impossible till it's done. It's the small steps that counts and fear that we overcome at every step and perseverance that we nurture. 
Although the first steps are most difficult but its not just that. Its in the middle too where the blocks appear... outside or inside. And of course, its in the finishing steps too. 
Overall, its after crossing the finish line that the lowering breathing and pacing down heartbeats that we find the bliss. 
Because its all in our head that we find something possible or not. 
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