Timeless Wisdom

These are the original works of art inspired by the ancient Indian Art of Yantras (Mandalas) that are representation of different forms of energies. In this collection, the Six Upanishads are meditated upon and the original Yantras for the particular sensations are created for each. These Yantras are then associated with the whole Upanishad written in Sanskrit creating the Space within. Upanishads are the basic Hindu text on the discussions on meaning of life.

The Greatest Teacher
May the Lord of Love protect us.
May the Lord of Love nourish us.
May the Lord of Love strengthen us.
May we realize the Lord of Love.
May we live with love for all;
May we live in peace with all. 
Modes of Knowing
May we hear only what is good for all.
May we see only what is good for all.
May we serve you, Lord of Love, all our life.
May we be used to spread your peace on earth.
The Inner Ruler
All this is full, All that is full.
From fullness, fullness comes.
When fullness is taken from fullness,
Fullness still remains.
Who Moves the World?
The light of Brahman flashes in lightning;
The light of Brahman flashes in our eyes.
It is the power of Brahman that makes
The mind think, desire, and will. Therefore
Use this power to meditate on Brahman. 
The Breath of Life
Prana burns as fire; he shines as the sun;
He rains as the clouds; he blows as the wind;
He crashes as the thunder in the sky.
He is the earth; he has form and no form;
Prana is immortality. 
Consciousness & Its Phases
Aum stands for the supreme Reality.
It is a symbol for what was, what is,
And what shall be.
Aum represents also
What lies beyond past, present, and future. 
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